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Conduit Kit

Conduit Kits, both Set Screw and Compression, are pre-assembled lengths of EMT with a coupling attached, and are therefore similar to RMC and IMC in consuming lower labor time during assembly.

Conduit Kits provide a labor-saving and time-saving alternative when assembling long runs of EMT on-site. Unlike other integrated coupling products, our steel set-screw and compression coupling Conduit Kits come with the distinct advantage that they allow you to take apart the leftover pieces and re-use them as needed. You get both savings and flexibility with every kit.

Conduit Kits are made from strip steel which is high frequency welded. A continuous hot galvanizing process is employed to zinc-coat exterior surfaces evenly and smoothly; and a special transparent secondary organic coating provides further protection against corrosion. The Conduit Kits are manufactured to meet the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories UL- 183, and are UL Listed. They utilize EMT that is Listed and meets the requirements of both UL-797 and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Specification C-80.3. (Note – the U.S. Government Federal Specification WW-C-563A, formerly used for EMT, has been abandoned in favor of the UL spec.) The couplings used in our Conduit Kits all are UL Listed and meet the requirements of UL-514B. The Conduit Kits are approved, per the National Electrical Code (NEC). Article 358, for open, concealed and concrete slab installations.

Quality Controlled each step of the way – we perform regular tests for dimensions, weld strength, bendability, plating thickness and uniform smoothness of interior coating to provide you with conduit of the highest quality.

Easy to bend – perfect bends and offsets can be made quickly with lightweight, easy to handle Conduit Kits.

Easy, trouble free wire pulling – a special baked-on coating is applied to the inside surface of Conduit Kits in order to reduce friction, and provides extra ease in wire installation.

Conduit Kits are available in Trade Sizes 2”, 2 1/2”, 3” and 4” in 10’ or 20’ lengths.