We are the leading producer of steel tubing, both black and galvanized, for all of the western United States. Additionally, they are one of the leading major national conduit manufacturers.

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We are a leading manufacturer of fence products in the Western United States.

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At Western Tube & Conduit Corporation, they are the leading producer of steel tubing, both black and galvanized, for the Western United States – and also one of the leading national conduit manufacturers. They place a strong emphasis on customer service, and empower their employees and distributors with the ability to serve their end customers to the best of their abilities. They are constantly searching for and targeting improvements that will continue to make them even better, as a corporation. They also maintain ISO certification and they are listed by UL, and they also meet all of the requirements from ASTM, CSA, AASHTO, ANSI, and the like.

At their core, their business model is designed to provide their customers with the highest quality products on time, leading to repeat customers and referrals. Their ultimate goal is to help your business be successful, so they pay special attention to meeting all of the specifications and deliveries that they promise. It is always their goal to under promise… and over deliver.

Understanding their customers’ needs and their uses for our products, as well as their individual businesses and distribution channels, as well as Western Tube & Conduit Corporation’s unparalleled reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction has helped them celebrate 50 years of quality, service, and friendship.

Steel tubes have a wide variety of uses and applications. Steel tubes can be used for water pipes, steel casing pipes, sewage pipes, structural steel pipes, industrial steel pipes, and steel scaffolding pipes, as well as oil and gas pipes. Regardless of the type of steel tubing you need, or the application you need it for, Western Tube & Conduit Corporation has you covered. Steel tubes have plenty of defining properties, including quick and easy installation, zero maintenance, and easy fitting. In addition, steel tubes do not rust, they are durable in nature, and they come in any size, shape, and color to make them flexible in use for your project.

In addition to many other uses, steel tubes are also used for a wide variety of uses in construction projects. From helping build the actual structures to being used as tools to complete the job, steel tubing is easy to use for many purposes on the job site. Whether you are building a small storage unit or a massive skyscraper, steel tubing can be used to ensure that you deliver a product that is high quality and long lasting.

Western Tube & Conduit Corporation’s steel tubes can also be used in steel tube piles. This can be an effective method to create a strong and sturdy foundation, particularly when the location of the structure is unstable, or if the load the foundation will be supporting is particularly heavy.

Western Tube & Conduit Corporation’s steel tubing is so much more than just a long and hollow steel rod. Rather, their steel tubes are constructed and built in a wide variety of ways, made to fit your exacting specifications. They are made into different shapes, which include round, rectangular, or square steel tubes. To further meet your needs, the tubes are also made in varying lengths and thicknesses, which differ depending on what the tubes will be used for.

Many industries can use and benefit from the use of steel tubing. If you have any questions about the variety of products in each of the product lines, or if you would like to speak with a team member about how steel tubing and conduit can benefit your particular industry or construction project, then you have come to the right place.

Western Tube & Conduit Corporation’s objective is to support and participate in their partners’ success. If you have any questions about the product lines that they offer, or if you would like to locate a sales agent, please feel free to contact a member of their team directly. Western Tube & Conduit Corporation strives to be the best at whatever they do, and they are dedicated to supporting you and participating in your successes. Give them a call or connect with them online to get started today!