Time-saving Electrical Products

Help your customers save time on every installation with a full line of electrical products designed to speed up their work.

Finish Installation Faster

Attaching couplings to EMT and conduit might not seem to waste much time, but you’d be amazed at how quickly the seconds add up. To help contractors install raceways faster, Western Tube offers a full line of products with pre-installed fittings, as well as color-coded and extra-long conduit. They all work together to save time on every job.


We’re local! Depend on Western Tube to keep you stocked with the full range of electrical products, all available for next-day delivery from our strategically located stocking locations. We MAKE IT eZ.

SmartCompression™ EMT

EMT with pre-installed compression fitting for faster installation.

SmartSet™ EMT

EMT with built-in set screw coupling to help contractors work smarter.


RMC with pre-installed swivel coupling that connects in half the time.

20' EMT

Longer tubing means built-in savings for longer runs.

Color EMT and Conduit

The easy way to highlight important circuits — or hide them in plain sight.

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